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Some of our highly esteemed retirees who are demontrating their enjoyment of retirement!


Since 1968, The Retired Teachers of Ontario/ Les enseignantes et enseignants retraités de l’Ontario (RTO/ERO) has provided excellent programs and services.

Not only services for teachers, but also for school and board administrators, educational support staff and college and university faculty in retirement.

For close to 50 years, RTO/ERO continues to provide service to members who range in age from 46 to over 109.

RTO/ERO is the only organization with representation from elementary, secondary, public, Catholic and francophone schools.

We also welcome college and university faculty and educational support staff from schools and school boards in our area any from any region in in Ontario.

AND we advocate for all seniors in Ontario and across Canada!

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District 29 Lanark Project – Service to Others:

Project – Service to Others (District 29 Lanark) is funded by our local district with the aim of supporting non-profit programs that provide opportunities for children, youth or seniors.  Priority will be given to supporting those who reside in Lanark County and Smiths Falls.  

Any District 29 Lanark member wishing local support from Project – Service to Others can present a request to the Chair/Committee Member at any time, using the appropriate form which can be obtained from the District 29 Lanark Chair or from the District website.  Applications must be completed in full, including a statement outlining how the grant will be used.  

The Chair/Committee will gather such information as required and present the request to the District Board for consideration, if the Chair/Committee deems the application to be worthy of the District’s support and if funds are available.  The District Board can request a presentation from a member of the organization that is applying if further information is required. 

Projects must take place during the year following the grant.  A brief final summary report with any photos, with permission for the District to use for promotional purposes, is required.  

The maximum grant available for any local project will be $200.00.  The maximum to receive for a provincial project is $4000.  Groups may apply more than once, however, first consideration will be given to new projects that meet the criteria. 


The following criteria will be considered when choosing an initiative to be forwarded to to District 29 Lanark or RTO/ERO Provincial Office for provincial grants.  The project is designed to:

- provide financial assistance to projects which support educational activities for children and youth or to support seniors;

- facilitate member participation in local, or community projects;

- promote District participation in local projects;

- raise the profile of retired teachers and of RTO/ERO;

- demonstrate to the general public that retired teachers continue to serve after retirement;

- demonstrate to potential RTO/ERO members that RTO/ERO is a dynamic organization to which education workers should consider belonging when they retire from active teaching.

Project – Service to Others – District 29 Lanark

Application for Local Support

Please complete the form below and return by mail or e-mail to:

Ann McGahey

736 Kitley Line 2, R.R.#2

Jasper, ON   K0G 1G0 mamc3@sympatico.ca

Name of Group or Organization______________________________________________________

Contact Information - Name:__________________________________________________

                                        Mailing Address:__________________________________________


                                       E-Mail Address:__________________________________________

                                       Phone #:________________________________________

Amount requested (up to $200.00)___________________

Is this for an on-going project_____or special event_____?  Date(s)___________________________

Please provide a specific description of how the grant would be used.





RTO Involvement:

Name of RTO Member                                                         Involvement 

1.                                                                  -

2.                                                                  -

3.                                                                  -

4.                                                                  -

5.                                                                  -






Project – Service to Others – District 29 Lanark

Application for Provincial Support

Name(s) of District Members ______________________________  ______________________________

                                                    ______________________________  ______________________________

Name of Project _______________________________________________________________________

Amount Requested (Max. $4000.00) ____________________________

Purpose of Grant _____________________________________________________________________________________


Describe how the grant will be used _____________________________________________________________________________________



List previous support of/involvement with RTO/ERO District 29 Lanark

Previous local grant(s)  Yes____/No____   Date(s)_______________________  Amounts _____________

Committees ___________________________________________________________________________

Social ________________________________________________________________________________


Please Note: The District 29 “Application for Provincial Support” form must be completed by a member of the local District Executive when considering an application to RTO/ERO for a provincial grant.  However, an RTO/ERO member who is involved with the project may be assigned by the local District Executive to assist in the completion of the application.

Applications must be received by the District 29 Project – Service to Others chairperson by December 30th so that they may be considered at the January meeting of the District Executive. The project chosen will be submitted to provincial by the District Executive.

                 SIGNATURE______________________________________    DATE________________________